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                                                             Patient Educator and Clinical Coordinator


Bailey enjoys educating patients about plastic surgery/procedures and medical grade skin care products, helping patients prepare for surgery/procedures, performing in office chemical peels and FSD light treatments, evaluating patients for appointments and photography. 

Bailey has a Communication B.A. degree and is a professional photographer. Bailey enjoys photography, walking outdoors and baking. 

Patients love Bailey’s enthusiasm with a can-do personality and big caring heart. 



      Dr. Debbie Harris

          Physician, Licensed Surgical Assistant

         and Organizational Management Specialist


Dr. Harris is an assistant to Dr. Scanland from the initial patient consultation, in surgeries/procedures and follow up treatment visits. She is highly involved in patient safety and makes surgeries/procedures run more efficiently which reduces the time of surgery. This benefits patients by reducing costs and risks. She is very knowledgeable in plastic surgery/procedures, skin conditions/diseases, injectables, medical grade skin care products, chemical peels and FSD light treatments. Dr. Harris has a true aesthetic artistic eye and understands what makes women more beautiful and men more handsome in a natural way.

Dr. Harris has a Medical degree, Surgical Assistant License and an Organizational Management Dr. Harris enjoys creative and building projects and spending time with her family. 

Patients love Dr. Harris’s very kind heart, gentle demeanor and warm smile. 




                                           Plastic Surgery Nurse, Expert Injector and Skin Care Specialist


Samantha is a Plastic Surgery Nurse. She is an Expert Injector with over 10 years of experience injecting fillers, neuromodulators and spider veins to rejuvenate the face and body. What makes her so good at this is her aesthetic artistic eye knowing how to make women look more beautiful and men more handsome in a natural way. Samantha has an extensive knowledge of medical grade skin care products and understands the important functions of each of the ingredients in the products. She takes care of many skin care problems such as aged, sun damaged, wrinkled, hyperpigmented (dark spots), acne, rosacea, environmental damaged and chemotherapy damaged skin. 

Samantha loves taking care of patients and helping them achieve their goals. She has a very close relationship with her patients and cares about them deeply. She enjoys spending time with her family and doing special things for others.

Patients love Samantha’s big heart, her bubbly personality and beautiful smile.




Office Events


Dr. Harris’s birthday April, 2021


2020 CiCi and Friends Christmas Donations

 Dr. Scanland’s Birthday Celebration 2020

 Bailey’s Birthday Celebration 2020
                                 Other Photos of Doctors and Staff events
2019 Christmas Open House
Staff Christmas Dinner 2019
Celebrating Jakey’s birthday !
Dr. Scanland and Dr. Harris at the Nashville  medical seminar regarding Hydrafacial, EMSCULPT,EMTONE & Bellafill.
September Open House with our representatives from Skin Better, Galderma(Sculptra, Dysport, Restylane fillers) and Sientra breast implants.
Celebrating Dr. Harris’s birthday 2019
February 2019 Seminar
Christmas lunch 2018
Celebrating Sam’s birthday ! 2018
September 2018 Seminar with Ariel, our Bellafill (5 year filler) Representative.
2017 Seminar
 Teresa’s 2017 Birthday
2017 Siskin Childrens Center Fundraiser
May 2017 Women of Distinction luncheon, a fundraise for the American Lung Association. Dr. Scanland has been awarded the Women of Distinction in the past.
2017 May Seminar
Bellafill meeting in Dallas, TX, Feb. 2017
christmas-picChristmas 2016
mug-shotour “MUG” shot
2016 Birthdays