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Breast Reduction- 53 Year Old Female

I have had a great experience with the breast reduction. Dr. Scanland and Dr. Harris made me feel real comfortable. Great doctors! I feel like they really care about me as a patient and a person. I am very happy with my surgery. They took real good care of me. Great staff! Sam is a great nurse and Bailey has helped me with a lot of questions regarding insurance. Even today at my last visit Dr. Scanland made me feel so loved and beautiful. I love my breasts the way they look now. I have already recommended so many people and will keep referring to this practice. Love Dr. Scanland and staff. – Debra Ferrick

Abdominoplasty – Female 40 Years Old

“Have you ever felt like a different person inside than what everyone else sees?  Ever been told (by a friend) that you look deformed? These were experiences I had after a 3-year battle and losing 120 lbs.!  I had skin in folds and felt ugly all the time!  Dr. Scanland changed that!  I interviewed several other doctors and when meeting with Dr. Scanland I felt totally comfortable! She had a feminine point of view and was very specific and confident in the results we could achieve; and boy did she deliver!!!!  At three months post-surgery I was in a bikini for the first time in my adult life.  A year post surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I can do things I wanted to do before but was too self-conscious to do or just physically unable to do so because of the shape/size I was.  I can exercise now and don’t flop around trying to do a jumping jack! lol. 

I have never regretted my decision to undergo a Tummy Tuck.  I finally feel like the REAL ME: the person I always felt I was underneath all the extra weight and then floppy skin!  I look forward to my next experience with Dr. Scanland and her amazing team!  Everyone in the practice is so helpful and willing/prompt to answer any questions you may have! “

Liposuction – Female 20 Years Old

Dr. Scanland, her nurse and front desk staff are all wonderful. By the time everything is done and over with, you will feel like family. After your first visit, they will have already learned your name.

As for the procedure, absolutely perfect. I had lipo of my lower back. Dr. Scanland took out nearly 2 liters fat. I have two incisions that are about 1cm. Now I have more confidence than ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or results.

Also, Dr. Scanland’s history is great too. The accomplishments, education and success stories are wonderful. She is a remarkable woman and a great role model.

My experience with Dr. Scanland was amazing. Before I had my surgery, I was extremely nervous and unsure whether it was the right decision. Everyone at Dr. Scanlands office was understanding, kind and helpful. The results of my surgery were fantastic and I have no regrets whatsoever. Dr Scanland is fantastic at what she does, and she and her staff are some of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I would most definitely recommend that anyone looking for a plastic surgeon should make an appointment with Dr. Scanland immediately!

Fat Injections, Implants and Skin Care Products – 62 Year Old Female

Dr. Scanland has enabled me to take years off my looks through a combination of medical grade skincare products and minor surgery. I am thin. As I aged, my face began to appear drawn with lines around my mouth and eyes. Dr. Scanland used my own cleansed fat from my thighs and injected it into the hollow areas of my face. The catch 22 is if you are thin you do not have much fat and it must be your fat. The procedure was much less invasive than a facelift with similar results. However, you will look pretty bad for 7 to 10 days.

In addition to the above procedure, since I was already going to be put to sleep, we discussed Breast Augmentation. Two children, gravity and my dislike for wearing bra’s had resulted in my breasts hanging half way to my waist. I had previously consulted with two other plastic surgeons and been told all my options would result in three large scars on each breast. I politely paid the consultation fees and did not return. Dr Scanland explained, if I was willing to have small breast implants, she could do the procedure with minimal scarring. She did and I am now a perfect “C” cup with no scars.

Breast Augmentation -43 year old female

I have had the best experience with Dr. Scanland and her awesome staff. I have felt so comfortable with each visit. Everyone here is friendly, helpful and so kind it’s almost like they are family. My breast implants and surgery went very well. I love that I made this decision to change my body and so glad that Dr. Scanlon made me feel so special. – Kimberly Kent

Neck lift and Fat injections -71 year old female

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Scanlon and her expertise. First, she such a woman and truly understands our physique and perspectives on our appearance. My neck lift and filler fat injections look wonderful. I was fearful at first that I’d look “puffy”. I’ve seen too many actresses who are over done, but Dr. ass assured me she would not go there. And she kept her promise. I look fresh and still totally me. Many compliment of how rested I look too.  -L.M.

Liposuction -32 year old female

Dr. Scanland corrected my botched lipo that are non-certified plastic surgeon had done! She truly is a miracle worker! And I have the body I have always dreamed of! Her staff is amazing! Everyone makes you feel so comfortable. The education they provide is unparalleled from any office I have ever gone to! Thank you Dr. Scanland and staff! I am a lifelong patient now! I hope she never retires. -Sarah

Breast Reduction and Abdominoplasty-61 year old female

Dr. Scanland and her staff are wonderful. I would advise anyone thinking of surgery to go to her. My first experience was and  Abdominoplasty “tummy tuck” with Lipo. I have had two C-sections and really needed it. I surgery turned out beautiful. I have seen the work of other doctors and her work far surpass them all. I have recently had a breast reduction and to whatever leave from all the neck and arm pain. I can breathe so much better. My clothes fit better in my outlook is great. Thank you  Dr. Scanland, Debbie and girls for taking such good care of me. I would do it all over again!

Thighlift – 55 year old Female

I have wanted over 30 years to have the surgery. I never thought it would ever happen. At times I felt like I was living a lie. I Exercise faithfully to keep weight off and become and stay fit. After losing 90 pounds, my thoughts were like a dirty little secret. I enjoy helping others get in shape but never ever showed my thighs to anyone except for my husband. Having the surgery was like a miracle to me! Dr. Scanland and her entire staff have been awesome and I can’t thank them enough. This experience has truly changed my life. PS I bought a short dress, a bathing suit, a pair of shorts and white jeans!  -TS

Armlift and Breast Reduction – 59 year old Female

Because of the trust I have in Dr. Scanland’s expertise, I recently engaged her for my breast reduction and armlift. She performed a facelift on me several years ago so I knew she would be my only choice for the second surgery. I see Dr. Scanland as a highly skilled surgeon and artist. She cares about her patients safety and the final results of the surgery. My experience has proven she’s given 100% attention to all of the details related to the surgery, and I highly recommend Dr. Scanland to anyone that is considering surgery. I must also mention the staff is equally trusted, caring in skilled.    – Denise

Breast Augmentation – 37 year old Female

Dr. Scanland and staff are so professional and sweet from the front door of the office to the operating room. Dr. Scanland listened to my concerns as her suggestions work perfect for my needs. I received A1 service and I am completely happy with my results. Thank you Dr. Scanland and staff.

Breast Augmentation – 45 year old Female

I have been a patient of Dr. Scanland’s since December 2000. I do not live in Chattanooga and I was referred to her by a friend who is also a patient of Dr. Scanland’s. Dr. Scanland performed my breast augmentation. I was very pleased with my results. I actually referred a few of my relatives to her as well. Because she did such an exceptional job, 16 years later I returned to her for my second breast augmentation. She is so knowledgeable in her work I wouldn’t have gone to anyone else, even though I do not live close to her office. Her office staff is amazing. They work with the patients to make them feel comfortable and they are so kind! They help in any way possible. Paperwork, appointments, phone calls, etc. Dr. Scanland takes her time to make sure her patients receive the best treatment and results possible. She examines and gives you all the information you need to have successful results. I have been thrilled with both of my procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Scanland to anyone considering plastic or reconstructive surgery.   -Shandra Richardson

Necklift – 44 year old female

My experience with this office was wonderful. From the front desk and throughout my surgery and after care, I felt cared for by some wonderful people. I didn’t feel like just a number. Highly recommended!    -Stacy Darby

Thank you for your kindness and for helping me find the very best for myself! You all are so very special to me!   – Misty Heinsman

Date: 7/23/2018

I was very young with I made my decision of wanting plastic surgery. When I turned 18 I realized this was something I definitely wanted to do.  I’ve always been a very insecure person and never saw myself as beautiful.  Through my surgery and many follow-up appointments with Jeanne and her wonderful team of workers I gained confidence and self respect like I’ve never had before.  My life has completely changed for the better.  Within the last few months not only did I gain confidence but I gained a surgeon and her whole team that became like family.  I was treated with respect, sympathy, and people who understood my insecurities.  I couldn’t be more thankful for Jeanne and her group.  – ST

Date: 7.18.2018

Dr. Scanland was always very helpful, professional, and easy to talk to and ask questions. Samantha was very sweet and kept in communication immediately after surgery once I was home to make sure everything was going well and answered any questions.  LeAnn was WONDERFUL working with insurance and scheduling and always an extremely welcoming and friendly face.  Dr. Harris is so sweet and helpful.  I loved my experience and would recommend to everyone! -Alix B.

Date: 6/25/2018

I had breast reduction surgery in April, 2018. This was one of the best decision I have ever made.  I had been suffering from backaches, neckaches and severe headaches.  Since my surgery I have totally been pain free.  Thank you Dr. Scanland and your staff.  Everyone there is so friendly and compassionate.  I’m very satisfied with my NEW look!!  -Patricia B.

Date: 6/20/2018

The office staff are very friendly and informative. Dr. Scanland is very knowledgeable and takes the time to address all concerns, and she also listens closely to your desired results.  I came in and spoke with her about how I wished to look as natural as possible for my small frame.  I said, “IF you knew me before surgery, you’ll know I had it done, but I don’t want it to be the first thing people notice about me when they meet me”.  Dr Scanland did exactly that for me.  I am very happy with my results and highly recommend her.   -F.M.

Date: 6/20/2018

The entire staff made me feel like a special friend. I am 68 and have ADHD.  I loved that not only did she go into details about my care after the surgery as well as the surgery itself, but she gave me written instructions as to my care after the surgery.  I am bad to forget what I am doing in the middle of a task and these written instructions were an awesome asset.

Best of all is the results. I had my upper arms trimmed before I know of Dr. Scanland.  Five months ater I had Dr. Scanland do liposuction, tummy tuck and bat wings.  Right after the surgery my sutures looked better than the 5 month old sutures (scars) on my arm.  There is no comparison between Dr. Scanland’s medical as well as artistic abilities and no comparison with the compassion and care of the entire team.  I wish I had known about her BEFORE I had the other surgery.  If you want the job done right, get Dr. Scanland. -Margie W.

Date: 6/15/2018

Dr. Scanland performed CO2 laser and fat grafting on my face. I am thrilled with the results.  My recovery went as expected.  Dr. Scanland and her staff were very kind and considerate, checking on me frequently.  I highly recommend her for any procedure.  She is board certified and highly knowledgeable. -Marsha Mabe

Date: 5/8/2018

I would like to thank Dr. Scanland and her team for my excellent care. I appreciate the kindness, professionalism, and care that she and her team have shown me.  The women at this practice are exceptional.  I expected no less…    -Shirley S

I have known Dr Jeanne Scanland since 1998 or 1999, when she was a resident. She was the only woman in the male dominated general surgery program.  To me, that in itself shows personal strength  Jeanne was always knowledgeable, professional, and she always put the patients first.  I worked in the emergency room as a unit clerk, an in looking back, her bedside manner was always on point.  Patients are vulnerable and needed a doctor they could trust.  Dr Scanland approached patients with respect and empathy – this is her true nature.  Jeanne doesn’t know this, but we (unit clerks, techs, nurses, and registration employees) always liked when she was on call.  We would say, “Oh good, Dr. Scanland is on today.”  We liked Dr. Scanland!  She was and is a strong woman.  She was and is an inspiration.

All these years later, when I became Dr. Scanlands’s patient, she received me warmly. As always, she was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.  Dr. Scanland was the same person she was all those years ago.  Just as any patient going to the doctor, I was nervous and in a vulnerable position..  I needed surgery for an enormous hernia and I would need abdominoplasty.  After I explained my need for a tummy tuck, she told me what I needed to do.  She wanted me to lose 30 pounds before surgery. After that news, Dr. Scanland did something else – she offered to exercise with me. Wow! This woman is amazing!  Jeanne and I met and walked at Northgate Mall for months.  Yes, this extremely busy doctor cares enough to do this for me, her patient.

On the morning of my surgery, Dr. Scanland was there to mark me up, go over the procedure, and answer any questions from my kids and me. Fast forward several months – my abdominal area has never been this flat.  My full recovery is on schedule..  I am happy with the results.  The quality of care is exceptional.

I could go on and on about Dr. Jeanne Scanland.  She and the women here, at this practice, are like extended family.  Coming to this medical practice is like being treated by trusted, professional, kind, considerate, and emphatic family members.  Should I need additional services, I will be a repeat patient.  I trust them!

Date: 9/20/2017

You won’t meet nicer people! From the start, to the end of my experience, they took such great care of me.  They answered all of my questions, gladly took my calls, and kept me informed before and during the healing process.  All the information was provided up front, and communicated clearly.  Dr. Scanland did an awesome job on my breast augmentation.  When I was unsure about certain aspects, she was able to provide me with a clearer understanding of the choices I would make.  Awesome overall experience!   -AF

Date: 5/4/2017

Being an older client, I had some concerns about what could be done for me and would it be worthwhile. Dr. Scanland and her team answered my questions and convinced me we could get a good result.  Everyone at the office is professional and personal in the right proportion.  In the end, my procedure was successful and I’m very pleased.  -BW

Date: 2/15/2016

I am a 58 year old female and had struggles with belly flab my entire life. Never felt good in my clothes and sure did not feel good in a bathing suite.  As the years went by and childbirth came and went the flab and droop over my pubic area became worse.  I hated when I sat down and my belly rolls stuck out as far as my boobs did (and I am a 36DD).  Needless to say I just lived with it, always thought plastic surgery was for the beautiful people with extra money to spend.  Well let me tellyou I was wrong.  I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Scanland during one of her education seminars.  She was wonderful, very educational, her slide show is remarkable, she and her entire staff are top notch.  I appreciate the fact that before anything she wanted you educated and well informed about your surgery.

On November 28, 2015, I had Abdominoplasty (full tommy tuck) surgery. Surgery took 5 ½ hours, I woke up and really felt good, not much pain at all, two hour drive home went well.  The next day I removed the compression garment just to shower and what a view I had in the mirror!!!  Not sure if the shock was what I saw or what I did not see.  What I saw was a beautiful FLAT tummy.  Of course I had in a drain, bruising from the liposuction, swelling and stitches from side to side, forget that I looked wonderful could not have been more pleased.  Whatever I looked like before, I do not miss.  I am now today 10 weeks post op and feel great.  I returned to work at 2 weeks and followed Dr. orders until I was released and have done wonderful.  I am told by everyone how good I look.  I did this for me, to feel better about myself and I do.  My only regret is I did not have the nerve to look into this 40 years ago.  Thank You Dr. Scanland you are wonderful and your staff is the best.

Shout out to Sam the best nurse for always being there and Maryann for keeping me straight with times and appointments. – Tammy S

Date: 7/28/2015

I originally came to Dr. Scanland because I was so self conscious about my small breast size. We discussed augmentation that fit my body frame and wants.  The office staff was so sweet and helpful and made me very excited about my upcoming surgery.

I have been absolutely thrilled with my results after surgery. My breast size is perfect for my body frame and recovery was a breeze.  It by far has been the easiest surgery I’ve ever gone through.  I love the way I look now and have enjoyed all the complements.  Dr. Scanland was amazing through the whole process.  She is so positive and I felt at ease with her doing my surgery the minute I met her.  I have already highly recommended her to my friends.  – Stephanie E

Date: 7/21/2015

Dr. Scanland and her staff have been informative and personable. From the first office visit with patient educator, Mary Ann, through surgery and recovery, the ladies at Dr. Scanland’s office have made my breast reduction an extremely positive experience.

Dr. Scanland is professional, prompt and a truly qualified supportive plastic surgeon. She is super easy to talk with, and quickly strives to understand patient goals, and works to achieve them.

I am blessed to have had Dr. Scanland and her staff to work with on my successful breast reduction. I would encourage anyone interested in this procedure to schedule an appointment with the amazing doctor and her staff. – Pam

Date: 6/15/2015

Great experience! 15 years after my first great experience,  Dr. Scanland!  Recovery was just as planned, results as expected.  I would not go to any other plastic surgeon. -Dawn S.

Date : 2/18/15

When I decided to get a breast reduction, I contacted Dr. Scanland’s office. Not only did I speak to a friendly receptionist, but I scheduled an appointment in a timely manner that fit my schedule and around my work needs.  Every time I visited the office the staff was friendly and welcoming..  Dr. Scanland was very professional and at the same time she was very easy to talk to and knowledgeable.  I felt like I was being taken care of almost like a member of the family.  I would recommend Dr. Scanland to anyone who is wanting plastic or reconstructive surgery. – Candace

Date: 2/17/2015

For some time I had been contemplating addressing the issue of puffy under eye bags. I was not quite sure where to start or how to choose the right doctor.  I was kind of at a standstill when I learned that Dr. Scanland and her staff hosted a seminar that would explain how to select the right doctor, define procedures, process and expectations  It was perfect;  just what I needed to start my journey.

I felt comfortable, informed and was ready to begin. I knew Dr. Scanland was the right choice form me.  I scheduled a consultation appointment.  I addressed my primary concern and was pleased when Dr. Scanland offered additional suggestions as well as pointing out areas that were fine and did not need attention.

Surgery was scheduled and I was confortable and excited. Dr. Scanland and her staff prepared me well and were available for any concerns or questions.  As it happened, the weekend prior to my surgery I had a small medical issue that I felt for sure was a showstopper.  The Dr. worked with my issue, kept in touch and the surgery proceeded as scheduled.  I was in good hands.  I am very pleased with my results.

Dr. Scanland and her staff are friendly, welcoming and personable not to mention discreet and respectful. The Dr. and her staff are engaging and make you feel more like a friend that a patient.

It was a journey and adventure for sure but I was in great hands the entire way. Thank you Dr. Scanland and your wonderful staff.  -Jo Ann C

Date: 2/17/2015

I have had neck and back pain for years because of my breasts.   I went to one plastic surgeon who told me there is too much paperwork involved in getting my insurance to pay for it, but he would it for a certain amount of cash!  I spoke to several others and got the same story.  One morning I got on the internet and typed female plastic surgeons and Dr. Scanland’s name was the first one so I called and made an appointment.  From the first time I walked in the office I had a great feeling about her.  She told me she would fight for me and that’s what she did.  Within 2 months I was approved for surgery!  When I went in to talk before the surgery, Samantha explained everything, gave me plenty of literature, even my Rx’s early so I could get that out of the way.  I went into the surgery knowing exactly what was going to be done, no questions.  Three days after my surgery, my neck and back pain was gone, and even though I was bruised and wasn’t to my final shape, I was already pleased with my results.  It has now been 2 months since my surgery and my scars are so small, it’s truly amazing.  I am so happy that I found her name on the internet and I am so grateful for the job that she done!  I don’t think anyone could’ve done a better job on me.  I think she takes pride in her work and it shows.  I would recommend Dr. Scanland to anyone.  Everyone was so nice to me and my family.  Dr. Scanland, Dr. Harris, LeAnn, thank you all for everything.  You truly made a difference in my life! -Jimmie Gibson

Date: 10/14/2014

For years, I had so many body image issues not only was I self-conscious about the size of my breasts, they were also physically uncomfortable. I couldn’t wear cute clothes without drawing unwanted attention.  I couldn’t play sports because my large breasts made it extremely painful, and they were just disproportional on my small frame.  After a lot of research, I decided Dr. Scanland was the doctor that I wanted to perform my breast reduction surgery.  From my very first information appointment to my last post-op appointment, Dr. Scanland and her staff have been nothing less than amazing.  The surgery itself went great and there were no complications.  I was fuly informed on why to expect after surgery, so recovery was super easy.  Every post-op visit I had, Dr. Scanland and Nurse Samantha were exceptional in taking care of me and answering any questions I had.  There was never a point that I was not at ease.  The staff at Dr. Scanland’s office are the absolute sweetest people I have ever met.  They always took time to talk to me rather than just rushing me in and out.  I always felt like an individual, not a chart.  I have recovered and this surgery was the best decision I have ever made.  It has changed my life drastically!  For the first time in my life, I love my body and I owe it all to Dr. Scanland and her absolutely extraordinary staff! Thank you all so much!  I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! – Kristina Haire

Date: 8/19/2014

My overall experience with Dr. Scanland was more than delightful. She was caring, energetic, and positive.  The information given in the time before, after and during surgery was remarkable.  Dr Scanland was the perfect fit for my surgery.  The Staff of Dr. Scanland were so considerate and kind during the process.  When I had a question or comment they were always there to answer.  I would whole heartedly go with Dr. Scanland in the future.  Thank you Staff and most importantly Dr. Scanland. -Natalie C.

Date: 8/12/2014

Dr. Scanland and staff have made my experience so much more enjoyable. The time and care Dr. Scanland put into my visits and surgery were very professional and thorough.  Dr. Scanland truly made me feel more of who I know I was, a confident and proportional woman!  I would recommend Dr. Scanland and staff to anyone.  This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

Date: 5/20/2014

Dr. Scanland went above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns (and I had many). She thoroughly explained the procedure and what each implant would look like after surgery  I felt I was able to make a very informed decision and this was very important to me.  The results were exactly what I wanted.  I am extremely pleased with the appearance.  I would recommend Dr. Scanland for any plastic surgery you may be considering.  She did my breast augmentation but if I ever consider another procedure she will be the surgeon I go to.  Very professional – a perfectionist – exactly what you want in a surgeon. -S.

Date: 1/17/2014

My yearly mammogram showed that my right breast implant had ruptured. Of course I was filled with fear.  Dr. Scanland’s office staff and Dr. Scanland treated me with the highest respect and compassion and alleviated all my fears.  The surgery to remove the implants was quickly scheduled.  I understood all the restrictions and had full trust in Dr. Scanland performing the surgery.

My recovery sent very well and I have resumed all normal activity. I felt the very strong support of Dr. Scanland and her staff throughout the pre-surgery and post-surgery timelines.  I am grateful to the entire staff for the care I received. -A.R.

Date: 12/5/2013

I had several close friends asked me who was my doctor. They said that I looked better but they could not tell me why.  I am very happy with Dr. Scanland’s work performed.  The staff is very helpful and friendly.-Ann G.

Date: 12/3/2013

The overall experience has been wonderful and I have so enjoyed being under Dr. Scanland’s care. She is so knowledgeable, professional and concerned about her patients.  I believe that Dr. Scanland is outstanding! Also, the office staff is wonderful – concerned and professional.  I have enjoyed the people and am very happy with the results of my surgery most importantly.  Many thanks to Dr. Scanland and her office staff!! -C.L.

Date: 11/26/2013

I had fat injections to my face and lips four years ago and to my hands over one year age. It has lasted and I absolutely love it.  It it life changing.  Dr. Scanland is very articulate and caring.  She is truly an artist. -N.R.

Date: 10/2/2013

I couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience with Dr. Scanland and her staff. I am very pleased with the outcome and couldn’t be happier! -Kristie Morrison

Date: 9/24/2013

I am very pleased with the care Dr. Scanland and her staff provided me. If I were to need more plastic surgery she is the doctor I would recommend to my family and friends. -D.M.A

Date: 9/29/2013

I came to Dr. Scanland from a referral from my doctor due to my frustration with large breast. This was casing me to have neck and back pain as well as just not feeling good.  This was causing me to feel bad because my clothes did not fit well and interfered with exercising.

From the very beginning Dr. Scanland and her office staff have been very professional and upbeat. I had a breast reduction where Dr. Scanland removed about eleven pounds.  I ran into some complications with an allergic reaction to the surgical tape and some healing issues.  I went through a phase where I used wet-too-dry bandages.  Dr. Scanland and her office staff (especially Samantha) were there helping me, being supportive, etc.  I then went back to surgery and needed a skin graft and restretched.  This went well and once again Dr. Scanland and her staff were right there helping in the recovery progress.

I feel so much better. My neck and back pain are gone.  I feel better about myself and my clothes fee better.  I am ready to be more active.

I would highly recommend Dr. Scanland. – Lisa

Date: 9/3/2013

Dr. Scanland is a great cosmetic surgeon! I got a mole removed and it didn’t hurt a bit!  She told me everything that was going on and we talked about normal everyday stuff.  It was a great experience.  Dr. Scanland’s whole office makes you important and welcomed.  I will be back! -Meara Whitley

Date: 8/27/2013

Cosmetic experience with Dr. Scanland has been nothing short of awesome.  Her staff and team were so helpful and always made me feel comfortable.  She is the only doctor I would come to for my cosmetic needs as I have seen her in the past and have always loved the results!  She and her staff are awesome!  I am so happy to have her s my doctor!  And I love the people she has working for her.  I would recommend all my friends to her and as a matter of fact, I already have one ready to come see her.  I thank her and her staff so much.  It was a pleasure!  Dr. Scanland – you are amazing! -Christine A.

Date: 8/20/2018

Before having the breast reduction and full tummy tuck with muscle repair I was taking 1800mg of Nurotin, 60mg Cymbalta and 60mg Celabrex for neck and lower back pain. Even after cervical spine surgery the pain remained.  Following the tummy tuck and breast reduction at 8 weeks post op.  I am completely off all nerve ending medication.  I am feeling wonderful and living with much less pain.  Dr Scanland and staff have been wonderful. – Kelly

Getting a breast reduction is something I had longed to since middle school. When the girls I grew with matured, they didn’t mature as fast as me.  Because of this, I always felt heavier and uglier than most of my peers.  Throughout middle school and high school, I was harassed by both guys and girls.  It came to the last straw, and my parents agreed t let me gat a breast reduction.  The idea of a breast reduction terrified me and excited me all at the same time.  So at eighteen years old, during my first semester of college, I had my reduction.  Dr. Scanland and her staff truly cared about the entire process.  They guided me through and gave me peace about the surgery.  Now, I am two months out, and even though I have moments when I am insecure about my new breasts, I am confident in my decision.  Clothes fit better and I feel like I can actually go shopping with my friends and try on new outfits!  Thanks Dr. Scanland for boosting my self-confidence and changing my life forever! – D.G.


Breast Reduction – 58 yo female

Dr. Scanland and her entire team took the very best care of me from the moment I walked in for my first appointment in December 2018. The entire process of a breast reduction was explained to me in great detail and many questions answered. They worked with me throughout the long two months it took for insurance approval. Then surgery took place very quickly and the follow up care was exceptional. Dr. Scanland and her entire team eased my anxiety of this surgery and the surgery improved my health and quality of living. They are shining example of great personal healthcare. -B.K.

Breast Augmentation- 25 yo female

My experience with Dr. Scanland was amazing! The staff is so friendly and inviting. They answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable. Meeting Dr. Scanland was no different. She made me feel so comfortable and listened to me about my concerns and wants. She was honest and made sure I understood. It was an amazing experience! I would definitely go back to them! My surgery day they made me feel comfortable and at ease. Everything went so smooth. My recovery was great! – Kelly B.