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Injectable Fillers/Volumizers

Injectable Fillers/Volumizers are used to correct facial, the décolleté, hand and feet wrinkles and restore the needed volume for a more youthful appearance. These can be used to enhance lip size and correct lipstick bleeding into wrinkles. Also, these products can camouflage veins and tendons of hands and feet.

BeloteroJuvedermJuvederm VolumaRadiesseRadiesse Hands

    RestylaneRestylane Lyft



Dr. Scanland and our Sculptra Representative, Olivia.

Sculptra is a facial volumizer for cheeks, folds and chin area.


Dr. Scanland and Ariel, our Bellafill representative.

Bellafill is the only 5 year filler for the face approved by the FDA

                  Dr Scanland attended the Dallas meeting for Suneva to learn more about Bellafill. Bellafill is the only 5 year filler approved by the FDA for acne scars and wrinkles That BELLAFILL very SAFE. All the staff and doctors at Dr Scanland’s office are loving their
results from BELLAFILL!